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Prescott Valley School Launches New Truancy Program, Hires Josh Phares as Truancy Officer

Since Phares Was Hired in January, Truancy has Already Improved at the Charter School

(PRESCOTT VALLEY, Arizona)—For years, truancy has been a serious issue in Yavapai County schools.

Thanks to a new program at Prescott Valley School that includes a dedicated Truancy Officer, more students will be where they belong during the day—in school.

Josh Phares was hired in early January to be the charter school’s Truancy Officer. He is in charge of tracking all of the students’ attendance to ensure that no one is excessively absent, without a documented reason like chronic illness or serious injury. Phares is keeping close track of all of the kindergarten through twelfth grade students’ attendance records at Prescott Valley School.

“What I’ve been doing so far is making my presence known to the students who are habitually truant and their parent/guardian through letters, phone calls, and emails,” Phares said, adding that once they get that first warning letter, a good majority of the parents immediately call him.

Another part of Phares’ work involves developing a program for Yavapai County that is similar to the Court Unified Truancy Suppression (C.U.T.S.) program in Maricopa County. Once it is in place, Phares hopes to offer the service to other schools in Yavapai County.

“The C.U.T.S. program is a system Maricopa County has had in place for several years now. It takes a tough stance on truancy,” Phares said.

As Phares explained the C.U.T.S. program states that any child between the ages of 6-16 is required by law to attend some school that provides instruction in reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies and science. Any unexcused absences totaling over five warrant a warning letter being sent to the parents/ guardian of the child in question.

“Our program here will follow the same guidelines with a few things added such as parent/ guardian conferences with me at the school and an attendance contract that will be signed by student and parent,” Phares said.

Even though Phares has only been on the job for just over a month, he has already noticed a definite improvement in attendance for chronically truant students.

“Most of our students who had truancy issues have made a drastic turn around for the better. It’s still going to take time to get it going like clockwork, but over the past month there have been great strides made in the maturity of our program.”

Phares credits his strong military and law enforcement background as part of the reason the school’s new truancy program has been so successful, and so quickly.

“Next school year will be even better because I will start at the beginning instead of in the middle, which means I will be able to prevent a lot of the students from being habitually truant by stopping it before it becomes an issue,” Phares said.

“I agree that truancy is a very large, ugly issue for Yavapai County and the people who are trying to change that are few and far between. They’re out there, but the amount of students that are truant are overwhelming. I’m hoping to change that.”

“This program is essential to the continued efficiency of our instructional program at PVS, both academically and behaviorally,” said Chief Operations Officer Monika Fuller.”

“Not only does it allow students to benefit from consistent daily learning experiences, but it also helps prepare kids for college and career on a whole new level. You cannot hold a job if you aren’t on time and regularly attending, same goes for college, so we are instilling these good habits as early as kindergarten. We plan to make a significant impact not only in our school, but in our county as well. We are very excited to have Mr. Phares on our team and we look forward to rolling this out to the county and other charters in the coming months.”

2017-18 Projected Bus Stops

We have posted the 2017-18 Projected Bus Stops list to our transportation page.

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Weather Update // January 25th, 2017 // 08:27 A.M.


Due to icy road conditions and limited maintenance on our residential streets, we have decided to cancel school today. Preliminary transportation runs this morning resulted in sliding around numerous times and we feel it to be in the best interest of our students and staff if we remain off the road today. Temperatures look to remain below freezing until this afternoon and with fog coming in we now need to consider visibility.

These are always difficult decisions to make, and our students best interest and safety are always our top priority. Please stay safe out there if you must get out and we will see everyone tomorrow morning.

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High School Students from Prescott Valley School Help Save Lives by Participating in Blood Drive

Students from the School’s Lifetime Fitness Class Made 22 Successful Donations.

(PRESCOTT VALLEY, Arizona)— Recently, a group of ninth through twelfth graders from Prescott Valley School gathered in the school’s gym for a very special cause.

The students, who are enrolled in Staci Morrell’s Lifetime Fitness class, all participated in a blood drive.

Morrell, who is the school’s K-12 Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director, said the 29 participants made 22 successful donations, which in turn will help save 44 lives. This surpassed the students’ goal of 20 donations.

While Morrell joked that the students definitely liked the idea of eating free pizza from Streets of New York and getting out of class for awhile, she said they were also inspired to donate blood out of a desire to help others.

“They are champs. Yes, they wanted pizza, but they also liked the aspect of being able to say they saved a life,” she said, adding that she also donated during the blood drive.

“They are champs. Yes, they wanted pizza, but they also liked the aspect of being able to say they saved a life,” she said, adding that she also donated during the blood drive.

“Honestly, I was bribed by cookies,” she said, laughing.

“But I’m glad I agreed to it. Blood drives are a necessity and donating is such an easy thing to do. Really, everyone should do it.”

Mrs. Morrell giving blood

Mrs. Morrell giving blood

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FamilyLink Available

The FamilyLink website is up and available for use.

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New Student Handbooks Are Available

The new Student Handbooks for K-5 and 6-12 Grades are available on our Student Handbook page.

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Updated Transportation Information

A new copy of the Transportation Schedule has been posted on the Transportation Page.

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Summer Break is Winding Down!

Summer break is winding down and soon we will embark on a new school year.  We are excited to welcome back all returning families and we extend a warm PVS welcome to our new families.

— Class supply lists are now available under the enrollment tab and will be available at the Prescott Valley Walmart on Saturday, July 16th.

— Open House is Tuesday, August 2nd from 1-7pm.

— The first day of school is Thursday, August 4th.  School starts at 8:00am for all grades.

For students needing to sign up for transportation, please click on the transportation tab, and fill out the form no later than Wednesday, July 20th. Be sure to secure your space on the bus quickly as seating is limited to bus capacity. Bus routes will be updated and available on our website by Monday, August 25th.

Thank you for choosing PVS!

Concerning Proposition 123

Dear PVS Families, as you may know, there is an education funding ballot measure on the May 17 special election, known as Proposition 123. Here is a fact sheet, which is meant to provide you with basic information regarding Prop 123. While we as a school cannot take a position on the proposition, we can inform you about the facts.

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21st Century Community Learning Center Grant

Prescott Valley School is applying for the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant for the 2016-17 school year through the Arizona Department of Education. If you would like to participate in the grant process as a part of a committee or have questions about this program please contact Monika Fuller, Director.


Update: 5/2/2016: Please see the Academic Calendar Page for all calendars, including the 2016-2017 Academic Calendar.




Prescott Valley School students, faculty, parents, and administrators hosted an external review for K-12 accreditation on November 19-20, 2014, which ended in the school being granted accreditation through AdvancED. We are so proud of our students and staff for all their hard work in making this possible for our school community. We cannot thank everyone enough for all their time and energy in ensuring our visit was a success! GO LIONS!!!



Three Fourth Grade Students from Prescott Valley School Qualify for National Archery Tournament


Laureli Potter, Caitlin Lumley and Shelby Engelhardt Qualified to Represent the School at the 2016 NASP Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky in May

(PRESCOTT VALLEY, Arizona)—In May, one fourth grader from Prescott Valley School will board a plane and head to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the NASP Nationals.

Laureli Potter, Caitlin Lumley and Shelby Engelhardt all performed well enough at the recent Arizona Archery in the Schools State Championship and 3D Shoot held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Anthem to qualify for Nationals on May 12 to 14. Laureli will be the only student competing at Nationals this year as the other girls are unable to make the trip.

“Laureli placed second in her division and third in the Elementary Girls Division of fourth and fifth graders,” said Archery Coach Jani Wagter, adding that all four fourth grade students from the school’s archery club placed in the recent competition.

“Caitlin placed fifth in her division and eighth in the Elementary Girls Division and Shelby placed sixth in her division and tenth in the Elementary Girls Division.”

The students were among 290 archers who competed at the recent tournament. Using a standard NASP-approved compound bow, the archers shoot three sets of five arrows at 10 and again at 15 meters from the target.

Wagter said she is thrilled for all three of the girls, and is also very proud of team member Julian Gutierrez, a fourth grader who just missed placing in the Elementary Boys Division. Julian placed third in his division and fourteenth place in the Elementary Boys Division.

“This is their first year in the archery program and none of the students have shot before,” Wagter said.

“The fourth graders are the youngest members of a team of nine students and have accomplished a great deal in the sport of archery in a short amount of time. I couldn’t be more proud to be their coach. I have a great team of students dedicated to the sport of archery.”

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